Dr Nigel Brooks - Control Systems and Software Consultant

 This page contains the links to drivers for various projects:

 *** Important *** Windows 10 now blocks our Doorman 3000 PC program (DMPC) from running the Dongle Installer, so if you are setting up on a new PC then download and run this to access your data...
 Updated HASP Dongle Driver for Windows 10, add on to DMPC V3.97 - DongleUpdate.exe

 General USB-Serial Drivers:    Prolific-PL-2303 - XP    Prolific-PL-2303 - Vista/7/10    FTDI Chipset (V2.12.10)    HL-340    Custom Brooks USB Serial   

 Drivers for specific products and projects. PLEASE NOTE: to install any of the .inf drivers,
 download InstallDriver.exe to the same folder and run it.

 DoorPod USB Install: DP2_CDC_32_64.inf

 Technologica Imager:CFI_CDC_32_64.inf

 Technologica TLC:TLC_CDC_32_64.inf

 Yacht Control Board: YCB_CDC_32_64.inf

 NILS5 / Brooks Light Sensor System: NILS_CDC_32_64.inf

 Simple Serial Port Tester: SimpleSerialPortMonitorSetup.exe